Cho and Roger (per_aurum) wrote in lumos_obscurum,
Cho and Roger

House Points Awarded

Cho was supposed to do this ages ago, but she has been slacking off. Hmph. She never appreciates all the work I do.

5 points to Ron Weasley, for his vehement yet untrue denials about killing Blaise Zabini.

5 points to Millicent Bulstrode for claiming that she ate Blaise Zabini. Hope she didn't cause you TOO much indigestion, Millicent.

5 points to Neville Longbottom, for owning a very attractive pair of shades.

5 points to Theodore Nott, because you are entertaining. You might want to try a little more subtle approach in your... ah... attempts, though, in the future.

5 additional points to Theodore Nott, for coining the phrase "love radar".

5 points to Justin Finch-Fletchley for trying to warn Ron Weasley, even though he was a stubborn git and didn't believe you and you really should have tried harder but it was a valiant effort.

5 points to Susan Bones for wearing your shiniest choker. Very shiny, by the way.

5 points to Hermione Granger for describing her shiny night.

5 points to Draco Malfoy for doing what we've all wanted to do at one point or another: giving Creevey a shiny black eye.

5 points to Ron Weasley for becoming intoxicated and providing us all with entertainment.

5 points to Theodore Nott for actually being "frightened of a Weasley". Whoever thought THAT was possible?

5 points to Mandy Brocklehurst for catching Harry's tourettes.

5 points each to Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Terry Boot, and Mandy Brocklehurst, for showing us all that there CAN be trouble in paradise.

Last, but not least, 5 points to Ginny Weasley for somehow managing to stay asleep through all of this.
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